Sorption of Xenobiotics to Humic Acid in Aqueous Systems

Sorption of Xenobiotics to Humic Acid in Aqueous Systems
Sorption of Xenobiotics to Humic Acid in Aqueous Systems

The sorption process plays an important role in the environmental fate and effect of xenobiotics in the aquatic system. The sorption coefficients (log Koc) of sixty-one organic compounds from different chemical classes such as PAHs, organochlorines, biphenyls, phenols and heterocyclic compounds to humic acid as model sorbent have been determined by batch technique combined with negligible depletion-SPME in two different modes of extraction as analytical tool and compared with literature data. The influence of pH and temperature variation was studied. Experimental log Koc data were compared with calculated log Koc from existing prediction methods of Qsar approaches employing log Kow and Lser relationships. The predictability of newly proposed models for PAHs, organochlorines and biphenyls, phenols, and heterocyclic compounds with regard to all compounds and separately for unionized fractions, neutral compounds, weak acids and bases was validated. Thermodynamic parameters of partitioning were determined for selected compounds. The interaction mechanisms were discussed and limitation of Spme accompanied by GC-MSD as analytical tool in sorption measurements was discussed.


Хлоранилины как источник углерода, азота и энергии для Pseudomonas diminuta. Effect of zeolite application and soil pH on cadmium sorption in soils. Errors and omissions excepted, the names of proprietary products are distinguished by initial capital letters. Ponizovsky A.A., Mironenko E. Методики биологических исследований по водной токсикологии. // Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry. Гигиенические характеристики анилина, содержащегося в атмосферном воздухе. Refer for medical Fatigue. Where known, the mechanisms of action of these compounds are also discussed. It is then eluted from the filter with dimethyl sulfoxide. Lanvin Пуховик. The study finished with the weaning of the F generation. Une exposition répétée par la voie orale a entraîné des lésions évocatrices de pyélonéphrite avec présence intratubulaire de cylindres et de dépôts cristallins chez plusieurs espèces. The publisher makes no warranty, express or implied, with respect to the material contained herein. Repeated oral exposures resulted in the appearance of pyelonephritis with casts and crystalline deposits in renal tubuli in several species. La exposición del público general no se pudo evaluar debido a la falta de datos disponibles. Existen asimismo indicios de que la azodicarbonamida puede inducir sensibilización cutánea. While every effort is made to ensure that CICADs represent the current status of knowledge, new information is being developed constantly. Включите JavaScript в вашем браузере. Board members serve in their personal capacity, not as representatives of any organization, government, or industry. Responsible authorities are strongly encouraged to characterize risk on the basis of locally measured or predicted exposure scenarios. It is insoluble in many organic solvents, but it is soluble in ,-dimethyl formamide and dimethyl sulfoxide. The substance can be absorbed into the body by inhalation of its aerosol. On n'a pas examiné en détail la cancérogénicité de l'azodicarbonamide, ni sa toxicité génésique, mais des études anciennes au cours desquelles des animaux avaient reçu son métabolite, la biurée, n'ont pas mis en évidence d'effets tumorigènes ou stérilisants. The potential use of phytoremediation at a site contaminated with hydrocarbons was investigated. Notwithstanding this barrier function, a number of strategies have been developed by scientists to deliver drugs to and through the skin. The carcinogenicity and reproductive toxicity of azodicarbonamide have not been examined in detail, but no tumorigenic or antifertility effects were observed in early studies in which animals were treated with the breakdown product biurea. Yamamoto, Chem-Bio Informatics, National Institute of Health Sciences, Tokyo, Japan Invited but unable to attend. Trubetskova I., Lampert W. Вадюнина А.Ф., Корчагина З.А. Moses, Chemical Industries Association; Dr R. The effectiveness of fertilizers for the crude oil bioremediation in subarctic intertidal sediments was studied by Pelletier et al. Different factors influencing hydrocarbon degradation have been reported by Cooney et al. Packed bed reactors are commonly used in continuous mode to degrade hydrocarbons. Mobility of atrazine from alginate-bentonite controlled release formulations in layered soil. Necropsy revealed massive, multiple renal calculi, bladder calculi, and chronic pyelonephritis. Dobson, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Dr H. Review of Adsorption and Desorption of Organic Pesticides by Soil Colloids, with Implication Concerning Pesticide Bioactivity. Теория и практика вегетационного метода М.: Наука. The physical and chemical characteristics of the oil and oil surface area are also important determinants of bioremediation success. Microbial consortium consisting of two isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and one isolate Rhodococcus erythropolis from soil contaminated with oily sludge was used in this study. Активные угли и их применение. How Toxic are toxic chemicals in soil. They constructed laboratory biopiles to compare immobilised bioaugmentation with liquid culture bioaugmentation and biostimulation. Unpublished report, Institute of Toxicology, Bayer AG, Wuppertal-Elberfeld. As with the previous investigations, the dogs that were selected for this study were of uncertain and variable origin; hence, no useful results could be obtained from them. One of the important factors that limit biodegradation of oil pollutants in the environment is their limited availability to microorganisms. Although azodicarbonamide was found to be a mutagen in bacterial systems, there is no evidence that this effect would be expressed. Метод определения численности микроорганизмов-деструкторов хлоранилинов в почве по периоду полуразложения субстрата. Leeser, Chemical Industries Association; Dr L. This includes interactive and multimedia use and the right to alter the article to the extent necessary for such use.

микроорганизмы и вирусы в водных экосистемах microorganisms.

. They are based on selected national or regional evaluation documents or on existing EHCs. Takeda, Mitsubishikasei Institute of Toxicological and Environmental Sciences, Yokohama, Japan Dr K. Hertel, Federal Institute for Health Protection of Consumers & Veterinary Medicine, Berlin, Germany Dr I. Поляков Н.С., Петухова Г.А. Boca Raton et al., CRC Press LLC,. SOURCES OF HUMAN AND ENVIRONMENTAL EXPOSURE The principal end use of azodicarbonamide is as a blowing agent in the rubber and plastics industries. La toxicidad aguda de la azodicarbonamida es baja y en los animales de experimentación no produce irritación cutánea, ocular o del aparato respiratorio. Very limited information is available on production volumes. Among physical factors, temperature plays an important role in biodegradation of hydrocarbons by directly affecting the chemistry of the pollutants as well as affecting the physiology and diversity of the microbial flora. There is also information to indicate that azodicarbonamide can cause skin sensitization in humans. Blood samples were also taken for immunological investigations. Hence, it is not possible to reliably quantify the risk of developing occupational asthma. In addition to the main importer, there are some firms that process azodicarbonamide into dust-suppressed powders, pastes, and "Masterbatch" formulations before selling the processed azodicarbonamide to the end users. Après absorption, l'élimination de l'azocarbonamide ou de la biurée est rapide et s'effectue principalement par la voie urinaire, la biurée étant très peu retenue dans l'organisme. Hence, although this CICAD includes an assessment of the available environmental data, the main focus is on risks to human health in the working environment, including an emphasis on information from routes that are relevant to occupational settings. Representatives of nongovernmental organizations may be invited to observe the proceedings of the Final Review Board. It is estimated that several thousand persons are exposed to azodicarbonamide in the workplace in the United Kingdom. Articles disseminated via are indexed, abstracted and referenced by many abstracting and information services, bibliographic networks, subscription agencies, library networks, and consortia. Estimation of the removal of organic priority pollutants by the powdered activated carbon treatment process. Coughing at work, wheeze, and chest tightness were also reported, and symptoms were apparently worse during the week than on Sunday. Микроморфология почв природных зон. However, in workplace health surveys, the incidence of skin rash was found to be greater among workers regularly exposed to azodicarbonamide. Some of these nutrients could become limiting factor thus affecting the biodegradation processes.

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. Почвоведение методы и использование. Microbial Degradation of Petroleum HydrocarbonsBiodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons is a complex process that depends on the nature and on the amount of the hydrocarbons present. The toxicology section of the amended draft was then reviewed by toxicologists from the United Kingdom Department of Health. There are some case reports of individuals with skin reactions to topically applied azodicarbonamide. The potential benefits of using genetically modified bacteria are significant. Des résultats négatifs ont été obtenu lors d'une étude de la sensibilisation cutanée, d'ailleurs mal conduite, et une autre étude, effectuée sur des cobayes, n'a pas révélé de réaction de nature asthmatiforme. A standard outline has been developed to encourage consistency in form. For repeated-dose studies using the oral route, data were inconsistent. Six other cases have been reported in the literature, but in each case the evidence that azodicarbonamide was the cause of the respiratory symptoms is less strong. There were no data in relation to repeated dermal exposure. Yasuno, School of Environmental Science, The University of Shiga Prefecture, Hikone, Japan Dr K. Risks to human health and the environment will vary considerably depending upon the type and extent of exposure. Mobility of isoproturon from alginate-bentonite controlled release formulations in layered soil. This resulted in higher interaction of cells with solubilized hydrocarbon droplets much smaller than the cells and rapid uptake of hydrocarbon in to the cells. В.М., Дубоносов В.Т., Шмелев С.И. «Тяжелые металлы в окружающей среде». Hydrocarbon components have been known to belong to the family of carcinogens and neurotoxic organic pollutants. Golovleva L.A., Petrova R.N., Evtushenko I.I., Baskunov B.R. Тюрюканова Г.К., Ананьева Н.Д., Соколов М.С., Примак-Миролюбов М.Д. EFFECTS ON LABORATORY MAMMALS AND IN VITRO TEST SYSTEMS It is noted that some of the available toxicological studies were conducted using biurea. Author is requested to use the appropriate DOI for the article. М: университет. The two nutrient products were derived from fish meals in a granular form with urea and super phosphate as nitrogen and phosphorus sources and proteinaceous material as the carbon source. CHEM-BANK, SilverPlatter compact disk. N.Y.: Marcel Dekker, Inc, N.Y. WHO Library Cataloguing-in-Publication Data Azodicarbonamide. They are selected because of their expertise in human and environmental toxicology or because of their experience in the regulation of chemicals. No significant differences in pre- and post-shift FEV and FVC measurements were found. Золотое кольцо Ювелирное изделие 99015. Bioremediation is the promising technology for the treatment of these contaminated sites since it is cost-effective and will lead to complete mineralization. Sorption of Xenobiotics to Humic Acid in Aqueous Systems. It was reported that the trial was not carried out blind. Природные сорбенты и охрана окружающей среды. However, no details were given concerning occupational groups or tasks. En el documento original no se abordaban los problemas relativos al medio ambiente; dado que en la búsqueda bibliográfica no se han encontrado estudios de interés de este sector, no se ha intentado realizar una evaluación del riesgo para el medio ambiente. Exposures to azodicarbonamide occurred primarily while the workers were weighing and tipping the powder. Additional physical/chemical properties are presented in the International Chemical Safety Card reproduced in this document. Sharratt, University of Surrey. Although hydrocarbon biodegradation can occur over a wide range of temperatures, the rate of biodegradation generally decreases with the decreasing temperature. aeruginosa is widely studied for the production of glycolipid type biosurfactants. Culture Identity and Trade. Girling A.E., Tattersfield L.J., Mitchell G.C., Pearson N., Woodbridge A.P., Bennett D. On possède des données indiquant qu'il se forme du carbamate d'éthyle dans certains produits de consommation comme le pain ou la bière après addition d'azodicarbonamide. Soil Pesticide Relation Ships. Studies in humans have concentrated solely on the ability of azodicarbonamide to induce asthma and skin sensitization. Two surveys were carried out. Reproduction and lactation. Little data exists on contaminant removal rates and efficiencies directly attributable to plants under field conditions. Although criticisms can be levelled at individual studies, weight of evidence suggests that azodicarbonamide can induce asthma in a significant proportion of exposed people. Biodegradation of trace concentrations of substituted phenols in granular activated carbon columns. The potential genotoxic, carcinogenic, and reproductive effects of azodicarbonamide in exposed humans have not been studied. Few specific toxic effects were observed in any single exposure study. Колышкин Д.А., Михайлова К.К. A Return-Volatility-Volume Analysis of Indian Stock Market. Certains indices permettent également de penser qu'il peut provoquer une sensibilisation cutanée. This committee is composed of experts in toxicology and occupational health and hygiene from industry, trade unions, and academia. Bioremediation agents are classified as bioaugmentation agents and biostimulation agents based on the two main approaches to oil spill bioremediation. The interaction mechanisms were discussed and limitation of SPME accompanied by GC-MSD as analytical tool in sorption measurements was discussed. On n'a pas étudié son action toxique éventuelle sur le développement. Evidence of this effect has been found from bronchial challenge studies and workplace health evaluations. Gives off NO open flames, NO sparks, Foam, powder. Васильева Г.К., Суровцева Э.Г., Глаголев М.В., Семенюк Н.Н., Паников Н.С. Sorption of Xenobiotics to Humic Acid in Aqueous Systems. Kondo, Chemical Safety Policy Office, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Tokyo, Japan Ms J. L'azodicarbonamide est facilement transformé en biurée ou dicarbamylhydrazine, le seul métabolite qui ait été identifié et il est probable que l'exposition par la voie générale concerne ce dernier dérivé plutôt que la molécule initiale. Eric J., Davies D., Jabeen N. Azodicarbonamide is readily converted to biurea, the only breakdown product identified, and it is likely that systemic exposure is principally to this derivative rather than to the parent compound. Sorption of Xenobiotics to Humic Acid in Aqueous Systems. Saada A., Breeze D., Crouzet C., Cornu S., Baranger P. Tremendous amount of fine roots in the surface soil was found to be effective at binding and transforming hydrophobic contaminants such as TPH, BTEX, and PAHs. Fernandez-Perez M., Gonzales-Pradas E., Villfranca-Sanchez M., Flores-Cespedes F. Currently accepted disposal methods of incineration or burial insecure landfills can become prohibitively expensive when amounts of contaminants are large. The different mechanisms, namely, hydraulic control, phytovolatilization, rhizoremediation, and phytotransformation. Anyone who has shown symptoms of asthma due to this substance should avoid all further contact with this substance. Authors may self-archive the Author's accepted manuscript of their articles on their own websites. В.М., Тарасов А.В., Клушин В.Н. COMPARATIVE KINETICS AND METABOLISM IN LABORATORY ANIMALS AND HUMANS No information is available on the toxicokinetics of azodicarbonamide in humans. Jacob, Dupont, Washington, DC, USA Dr H. Вольнова А.И., Суровцева Э.Г., Васильева Г.К. Cary, Health and Safety Executive, Merseyside, United Kingdom, Dr S. Procedures The flow chart shows the procedures followed to produce a CICAD. The range of tested contaminants included chlorinated compounds, aromatic hydrocarbons, and nonpolar toxicants. Ohtake, Chem-Bio Informatics, National Institute of Health Sciences, Tokyo, Japan Dr T. Benson, Drinking Water Program, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Denver, CO, USA Dr T. Sugars required for various biosyntheses and growth are synthesized by gluconeogenesis. This is possible because microorganisms have enzyme systems to degrade and utilize different hydrocarbons as a source of carbon and energy. The first draft is based on an existing national, regional, or international review. There are reports on the degradation of environmental pollutants by different bacteria. Д.С., Лозановская Н.Ю., Попов П.Д. Органическое вещество почвы и органические удобрения. В.Т., Кураков А.В., Бондаренко Н.Г., Мирчик Т.Г. Mechanism of Petroleum Hydrocarbon DegradationThe most rapid and complete degradation of the majority of organic pollutants is brought about under aerobic conditions. La exposición oral repetida provocó pielonefritis con cilindros y depósitos cristalinos en los túbulos renales en varias especies. putida and soil microbia activity. Guo L., Jury W.A., Wagenet R.J., Flury M.

However, the dogs that were selected for this study were of uncertain and variable origin; hence, no useful results could be obtained from them. It is proposed that overall the effects of CPEs on the skin barrier may best be explained by a Diffusion-Partition-Solubility theory. Biodegradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons by Immobilized CellsImmobilized cells have been used and studied for the bioremediation of numerous toxic chemicals. The results showed that there was no decline in the biodegradation activity of the microbial consortium on the repeated use. The initial intracellular attack of organic pollutants is an oxidative process and the activation as well as incorporation of oxygen is the enzymatic key reaction catalyzed by oxygenases and peroxidases. Васильева Г.К., Суровцева Э.Г. Skin prick tests with azodicarbonamide could not be adequately performed owing to the insolubility of the substance. However, ecological and environmental concerns and regulatory constraints are major obstacles for testing GEM in the field. The role natural zeolites in agricalture In: Zeo-agriculture: Use of natural zeolites in agriculture. The original source document did not address environmental concerns; as literature searches have failed to identify relevant studies in this area, an environmental risk assessment has not been attempted. В сб.: Предельно допустимые концентрации атмосферных загрязнений. Si bien se observó que la azodicarbonamida era mutagénica en sistemas bacterianos, no hay pruebas de que este efecto aparezca