Social Sector in a Decentralized Economy

Social Sector in a Decentralized Economy
Social Sector in a Decentralized Economy

This book is an analytical examination of financing and public service delivery challenges in a decentralized framework. It also provides critical insights into the effectiveness of public expenditure, through benefit incidence analysis of education and healthcare services in India. The benefits of decentralization always come with conflicts and trade-offs. By unpacking the process of decentralization, the authors identify that unfunded mandates, arising from the asymmetry between finances and functions at local levels, are a major challenge. The analysis is carried out by distilling the existing studies in this area, and through an empirical investigation of public finance data at different public sector levels in India, as well as in some selected developing countries. Using the household survey statistics of consumption expenditure, an analysis of utilization or benefit incidence of public spending on social sectors in India is achieved, covering education and health sectors.


However, by pooling together the lessons learnt from the selection of case studies, it was possible to get a sense of the opportunities and challenges of implementing digital health campaigns.

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. Overview Case Management Software Database Software The best choice for large nonprofits, government agencies, and community collaboratives. He uncovers and analyses problems that stay in a way of effective application of results-based approaches in the budget process. The main idea here is the development of progressive scale and index of social-economic development of the Russian regions. Используя методы системного, структурно-динамического и факторного иза в статье показаны существующие проблемы в развитии программно-целевого бюджетирования в , предложены меры повышения эффективности программных подходов в бюджетном процессе. Gubarev, assistant professor at economic theory department of Russian academy of economics named after G.V.Plekhanov, candidate of economic sciences E-mail: [email protected] A combination of these approaches would offer a comprehensive view. Although it is possible to largely contract out social media campaign services, inhouse expertise can also be built through training. Evaluating whether this is true would be an incredibly valuable contribution to the social marketing literature.

Possible directions for improvement of regional targeted programs, targeted programs, region, financing, budget expenditures, economic efficiency. Engagement could be segmented into the low, medium and high levels of engagement captured within a process evaluation. Providing an opportunity to win a prize that is both relevant and desirable – not the standard iPad of many online marketing contests – increases meaningful participation. Integration with broader campaigns seems to be useful, but is not a necessary driver of success. Don’t get caught with one of them or you’ll lose points with a difficult challenge”. This could be because these types of campaigns are also the easiest to evaluate and show cost-effectiveness. To test the underlying assumption that highly engaged participants in a social media campaign are more likely to change their behaviour, it would be very desirable to survey a sample of campaign participants with varying degrees of engagement. Плеханова, кандидат экономических наук E-mail: [email protected]Е.И. Тюленев, директор Департамента промышленности, предпринимательства, природопользования, туризма и информационных технологий Аппарата Правительства Республики Башкортостан, кандидат экономических наук E-mail: [email protected] Ф.С. Performance bonuses for Russian public officers R.B. Large numbers of followers or participants may actually mean very little in terms of how important or meaningful a campaign truly is. Social media are unlikely to be the sole solution to changing behaviour, but it appears that they can play a valuable role in contributing to campaign objectives. Control over operations should be with minimal financial and labor costs. Finding that the level of engagement had no actual bearing on behaviour change would be an equally worthwhile outcome. Tulenev, director at department of industry, enterprise, environmental management, tourism and IT of the Bashkortostan government, candidate of economic sciences E-mail: [email protected] This means that diligent and timely moderation and monitoring of social media pages is necessary. Определена специфика данного метода, процедура реализации которого предусматривает возможность осуществления оперативного контроля при минимуме финансовых и трудовых затрат. It is possible to extend and adapt process evaluations to include more outcome-based measures. Typical social media analytics include the number of ‘views’, ‘shares’, ‘comments’ and ‘likes’. Social Sector in a Decentralized Economy. Planning: consider the role of social marketing channels as part of your broader campaign preparation The effectiveness of a social media campaign can be positively affected by the use of traditional media; the two need not be viewed as separate entities.

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. comments the highlights of the lecture of Nolan Sharkey, professor of University of Western Australia delivered on the Russian Week of International Taxation. What remains to be seen is how best to reach out to social media users and what types of messages cut through the online clutter. Russian lease portfolioV.D. Process evaluations make use of analytics and metrics that can be easily captured, using existing inbuilt social media tools, to assess how successfully campaigns have engaged with campaign participants and audiences. We tried as hard as we could to make it happen E-mail: [email protected] Doctor of economic sciences, full professor, war veteran P.S.. Organization of administrative, financial and staff management in the Federal Treasury of Russia: current state and future E-mail: [email protected] The interview with deputy head of the Federal Treasury D.S. Rosenberg.state treasury, budget process, state finances. Betty Blue Высокие кеды и кроссовки. The lessons reported by the case studies were largely limited to campaign design, resources and process evaluations. To make the most of the opportunities that social media offer, and to minimise the risks, social marketers need to consider their objectives, invest the appropriate time and resources, and take a ‘test and learn’ approach. Chinese tax authorities are responding to the incoming queries and requests for clarifications in a positive way and insert changes into legislation in order to align it with international experience and rules of cross-border taxation. Gazman, professor at National research university Higher school of economics The author sums up statistics related to lease market and costs of new lease agreements in Russia. Выявляет и изирует проблемы, препятствующие эффективному применению программно-целевых подходов в бюджетном процессе. He presents data about portfolios of the biggest European and Russian leasing companies. Дзюба, эксперт отделения Общероссийского народного фронта в Республике Башкортостан E-mail: [email protected]Ю.В. Few research studies have examined the success of social media in influencing health promoting behaviours. Internationally, public health organisations are keenly experimenting with using social media as tools for both information sharing and behaviour change. lease portfolio, financing structure, leverage, doubtful and bed debts, bonds offered by lease companies. He has shared his view on directions of the development of state treasury control methodology envisioning consolidation of the position of the Russian Treasury.the Federal Treasury of the Russian Federation, state treasury control, budget monitoring. Бюджетный мониторинг – перспективный метод государственного казначейского контроляЛ.Р. Важным критерием оценки зрелости рынка является показатель расходов на сование на душу населения. Conventional process measures, such as the number of likes, tell us little about a campaign’s impact on behaviour.

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. Монитор Philips 241B7QUPEB/00 Black. The article is about development of results-based budgeting in Russia, its current state, problems and prospects. Dzuba, expert of All-Russian people’s front office in Bashkortostan E-mail: [email protected] Additionally, given the disparate topics and goals of social media campaigns, a case study approach allowed for richer and more detailed understanding of what contributed to the success of each of the campaigns examined. This work is licensed under a , which allows others to redistribute, adapt and share this work non-commercially provided they attribute the work and any adapted version of it is distributed under the same Creative Commons licence terms. A traditional, systematic keyword search within academic databases for relevant papers was not conducted, as there were exceptionally few published data of direct interest. Такой подход позволит реально «заинтересовать» руководство органов исполнительной власти субъекта РФ в укреплении конкурентной позиции региона в составе страны и его социально-экономическом развитии в динамике. The use of social media for health promotion is suggested to be most valuable for their potential to engage with audiences. Social Sector in a Decentralized Economy. Internet-based programs have the potential to reach many people who are not part of the intended target audience, including those who live in other countries. Федеральные целевые программы и развитие региональной экономикиЮ.Г. В обзоре освещаются вопросы гармонизации налогового законодательства в глобальном масштабе, взаимного проникновения налоговых норм. Promotion: actively drive traffic through continuous promotion It cannot be assumed that once a social media campaign is unveiled, viral growth is guaranteed. It takes very little effort to like a campaign on Facebook, and there may be no direct link between the number of likes and the likelihood of behaviour change. Lessons learnt were then sorted into eight key themes that emerged following case study review. Given the commercial sensitivity of marketing information, little information was available in the public domain on budget or results, despite there being many high-profile examples of corporate social media campaigns. The case studies also demonstrate that there is room in social media for both targeted, inexpensive, small-scale projects and large, well-funded, mass-reach marketing blitzes. Tyutyuryukov, Associate Professor at School of Public Administration of National Research University Higher School of Economics, candidate of economic sciences, Ph.D. Case studies were primarily identified through searching the online grey literature of public health agencies and marketing organisations. For example, a great advantage of online media is that experimenting with communication techniques and messages could be much less resource intensive and potentially less risky than investing money in an expensive new television campaign. Collectively, these case studies reveal that social media can be highly effective in raising brand awareness, recruiting participants and motivating them to take small, concrete actions. The author proposes measures for perfection of legal, regulatory, organizational and methodological aspects of results-based budgeting in Russia.results-based budgeting, government program, investment projects, program evaluation. Содержание О некоторых мерах по стабилизации финансового положения регионов E-mail: [email protected] Заместитель министра финансов Российской Федерации Л.В. Social media campaigns that realise a viral effect often greatly benefit from news media coverage through both mainstream and online channels. Сказки Кота-Мурлыки. E-mail: [email protected] Chinese laws and regulations can be difficult to interpret by foreigners due to different legal paradigms and specifications of laws. О толковании налогового законодательства Китая В.Н. Federal targeted programs and regional economy development U.G. E-mail: [email protected] The article elaborates the main points of the performance bonuses paid to Russian public officers at the regional level of the executive branch. Alternatively, contacting people who are known participants of the social media campaign at any level of engagement, compared with the general public, could also provide useful comparison data on effectiveness. The material regards the most important characteristics and shortcomings of investment projects financing in the Altai regions. Selection of social media campaign case studies A selection of case studies was reviewed from the public health literature, as well as those from the corporate sector that were well outside the public health sphere. On some measures for stabilization of financial health of regions E-mail: [email protected] Deputy minister of finances of Russian Federation L.V. Дополнительное образование в области управления персоналом / МВА будет преимуществом. Ключевые слова:лизинговый портфель, структура финансирования, леверидж, сомнительная и проблемная олженность, эмиссия облигаций лизингодателей. The author makes conclusion about necessity of special type of financial state control budget monitoring. Developing campaigns that are shareable and that create change may mean taking calculated risks with campaign content that is suitable to the target audience. Community: build online communities by tapping into existing networks When starting out in social media, partnering with organisations and people who already have a social media presence is useful for building an online community. Special attention he paid to measures needed to raise income base and to the description of tasks of fiscal authorities of all levels.sustainable development of regions, budget balance, debt restructuring, grants, tax, tax exemptions. Recruiting large numbers of motivated volunteer ‘seeders’ who can leverage their personal social media connections with others appears to be more likely to generate action than impersonalised advertisements. There is an underlying assumption, evident in the lessons reported by the case studies, that fostering higher-quality online engagement leads to increased likelihood of action. Executive authorities should be interested in raising their competitiveness measured on the federal scale. Cost: social media can be low cost but time and human resource–intensive Digital advertising on social media has been shown to be a very cost-effective tool for program recruitment compared with traditional mass media. Staff responsible for managing social media campaigns require training on the breadth of social media platforms, collecting and evaluating social media analytics and developing shareable content. Ключевым этапом методики является разработка прогрессивной шкалы: индекс социально-экономического развития регионов - уровень премирования государственных служащих. This can be particularly problematic when it comes to being accountable for government funding sources that require target audiences to be local citizens. В случае с КНР их порождают различные правовые парадигмы и неодинаковый уровень детализированности законов в странах-партнерах КНР. Ключевые слова: региональный совой рынок, Республика Марий Эл, виды сования, ОСАГО, совые премии, выплаты, межрегиональные сравнения. It describes all seven stages of this process and results expected on each phase. Кивико, министр финансов Республики Крым E-mail: [email protected] В статье подробно описан процесс создания системы «Электронный бюджет» в регионе. This approach would never replace comprehensive outcome evaluations; however, it could help program planners to adjust campaigns that failed to generate high-level engagement. Participants enjoy interacting on social media because they can be both anonymous and personal. Ideally, campaigns should spread from friend to friend through the automated sharing process of existing social network page feeds, and not require onerous further action of participants. This could include the use of language and imagery that may be offensive to some users but may then greatly increase campaign appeal to other users. The article describes structure of the biggest segments of leasing market, operational efficiency of the leasing companies, their financial structure. Grishin is about the administrative, financial and staff aspects of the work of the Treasury that he supervises. Highly connected people and agencies that support and promote the campaign can influence others to both join and further share the campaign. Сформулирован вывод о выделении отдельного метода государственного финансового контроля – бюджетного мониторинга. Users need to be able to easily receive and share valuable information with other people. If evidence can be found to support this assumption, it would be a very useful and fast way to assess if campaigns are working from the very beginning. As with the corporate case studies, examples of well-executed, comprehensively evaluated and publicly available reporting of digital campaigns in the health domain were limited. Также внедрение методики позволит экономически обоснованно расходовать ограниченные бюджетные ресурсы государства на вознаграждение российских государственных служащих. Msgm Юбка до колена. Recently several works were published about its role and importance as one of main instruments and a core of the Russian financial system. To truly understand the possible impact, moving beyond measuring the number of likes and developing outcome measurement frameworks is vital. Budget monitoring - perspective method of state treasury controlL.R. Complex third-party tools or the need for participants to register or provide personal details can severely dissuade participation and engagement. Overview Advanced Features Introduction There is a great deal of enthusiasm for, and interest in, using social media for public health communications, but there is little understanding of the connection between online engagement and behaviour change. A common criticism of social media is that, while they increase participation, they actually lessen the level of commitment and engagement needed to be part of a campaign or initiative. This engagement model could be adapted to measure the level of engagement of participants in a social media campaign that aims to change personal health behaviours such as quitting smoking or eating healthy foods. Китайские налоговики также время от времени корректируют свою законодательную базу с учетом мирового опыта трансграничного налогообложения. Personal benefits: enhance appeal to participate in the campaign Successful social media campaigns help users to feel like members of a community and establish identity by allowing participants to express part of themselves to others. Offering rewards for participating and spreading marketing messages may also increase participation. Overview A flexible, easy-to-use case management solution that can grow with you. Participant demographic and campaign traffic data can be automatically collected through social media analytics tools. В статье рассмотрены ключевые положения государственного казначейского контроля, изучены особенности методов, используемые Казначейством в ходе реализации полномочий по внутреннему государственному финансовому контролю. An active, ongoing communications strategy is necessary to ensure a strong launch, maintain promotion of the campaign and drive traffic to the site. This is further complicated when considering that an organisation may ultimately be legally responsible for all content posted on its social media pages, including all user-generated comments and content. Fayzulin, leading researcher of the Institute of social and economic studies of Ufa Scientific centre under the Russian Academy of Science, academic of the Academy of Science of Bashkortostan Republic, Ph.D. Kiviko, Republic of Crimea minister of finances The article elaborates on the process of creation of “Electronic budget” system in the region. была воссоздана государственная казначейская служба. Find the hotty to kiss by avoiding all the disgusting, annoying smokers. Participa! Des de La…   Jornada El mercat social al Tercer Sector Social de Catalunya