Mapping & Auditing Indigenous Knowledge & its Management Environment

Mapping & Auditing Indigenous Knowledge & its Management Environment
Mapping & Auditing Indigenous Knowledge & its Management Environment

The importance of indigenous knowledge (IK) in its own right and in combination with other [“western” or “scientific”] knowledge within individual countries and/or internationally, for addressing complex problems and its potential to contribute to improving the lives of the people has increasingly been recognized. In addition and consequently there is an increased need to preserve and conserve Ik as national heritage, and its contribution to enhancing social cohesion. Ik is by nature vulnerable. Therefore the urgent need to develop and implement effective systems and processes for its conservation and management cannot be over emphasized. To manage any knowledge and importantly Ik requires an understanding of what knowledge exists, who the knowledge holders within a community or communities are, and the state in which such knowledge exists. Knowledge management theories, systems and process provide opportunities for managing all types of knowledge including IK. However, because of its “specialized” nature further understanding and effective application of knowledge management theories and process, including sharing of national best practices among countries for managing IK.


Quality and the customer experience go hand-in-hand. Other states such as Indiana have mandated curriculum mapping as a tool for schools which do not meet Adequate Yearly Progress and also provide numerous online tools. The entries by teachers are not left alone, however; in fact, because the work is displayed via internet-based programs, it is open to view by all personnel in a school or district. Applying Agile Principles in a Non-IT Industry Fabrice Bouchereau, Senior Systems Improvement Facilitator, ProcessZen Consulting, discusses how Agile,. Value Stream Mapping Symbols The listing below shows all the symbols available in the task pane. [more] Culture is the driving force of quality. [more] Prashant Hoskote, Senior Director- Quality and Service Excellence, Max India Limited, discusses the role. [more] Recalls can be one of the most challenging aspects of the quality professional's job. [more] Learn how to use a process architecture map to improve the process and identify lean wastes. There are online programs that offer insight to curriculum mapping throughout the year. [more] Applying Agile Principles in a Non-IT Industry Fabrice Bouchereau, Senior Systems Improvement Facilitator, ProcessZen Consulting, discusses how Agile,. Plus, Excel is an environment that many people are already familiar with. Related to mapping, but separate from it, is the concept of a curriculum audit, described by Fenwick W. Creating and sustaining a quality culture are much-discussed.

Flowcharting, Process Mapping, and Value Stream Mapping.

. [more] The terms process mapping and flowchart are often used interchangeably and it isn't necessarily wrong to. It provides an opportunity, by thoughtful reflection, for teachers to have a common ground for communication about their curriculum while also maintaining the necessary flexibility to do what is right for each child. VSM Symbols Task Pane - a side panel with click-to-add symbols.

Excel is a perfect environment for creating value stream maps because it allows you to summarize and analyze the process metrics in the same environment that you create the diagram. By the daily trial and error that is inherent in an individual map, resources might be suggested to the consensus map. [more] Voice of the customer, or V-O-C, is the ongoing collection of customer needs and expectations-both. Take tool, when used in tandem with the Lesson Planner it can create a report that will show you all standards that have been aligned to units and what standards still need to be addressed. Inc., discusses how to keep staff engaged. [more] Alyce Nelson, Executive Coach & Quality Principal, FAS. [more] In this episode, learn why less is more! We cover all things lean: What it is and what makes lean. Individual curriculum maps are “developed by individual teachers [and] reflect what they teach in their class or classes. Schools are using curriculum templates that display key components of the curriculum: content, skills, assessments, and essential questions. These maps showcase what takes place in an individual classroom, ideally providing evidence of the students’ learning with that teacher.     The How and Why of AuditingAuditing expert and ASQ fellow Dennis Arter shares tips and advice for auditors and auditees. They may include content and skills, essential questions, and required assessments. S.O. Arifalo: A treasure of hope and courage. Curriculum mapping is not limited to United States public schools. Mapping & Auditing Indigenous Knowledge & its Management Environment. The image to the right shows a snap shot of how the VSM Symbols Task Pane is used in Excel. Gateway Technical College wanted to break silo thinking and promote a culture of excellence. Carol Fox, Director, Strategic and. [more] Organizations perceive risk management in three general ways. A number of independent schools have adopted the curriculum mapping process to review and revise their curriculum. Hear from electronics giant Siemens Industry on how. You simply select the symbol and click a button and the symbol will be added the worksheet in the cell you have selected. It includes preset Customer, Supplier, and Production Control symbols. But like most quality techniques, its use changes and evolves. [more] Sometimes process mapping isn't enough to give you the information you need to improve. An effective map would seek to marry the two instructional units, eliminating redundancies and providing a cross-disciplinary approach to instruction. [more] This episode of ASQ TV explores the culture of quality. There are both commercial companies and not-for-profit groups that have generated curriculum mapping software used around the world. On this episode, we talk about how quality and technology can be woven together. Mapping & Auditing Indigenous Knowledge & its Management Environment.

Curriculum Mapping: Technology Issues and Resources

. Brien Palmer, author of Making Change Work,. Download a free trial to start mapping your value streams today. Some states such as South Dakota have adopted curriculum mapping on a statewide basis and provide detailed online curriculum mapping resources for their professional staff. FlowBreeze offers two tools that make creating value stream maps a snap: A Value Stream Mapping Template Generator, that lets you kickstart VSM diagrams preloaded with common symbols. And, of course, since they are Excel template files, you can modify the template with additional symbols as needed, so you don't end up reinventing the wheel everytime you need to create a value stream map. The curriculum mapping model as originally defined by Dr.

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. This takes time and, as with all curriculum mapping, cannot be rushed and the big picture must be taken into account. [more] In this episode, learn process map and flowchart basics and how to use a process architecture map to. Additionally, you can specify how many Process symbols you want, and include a Data Table and Timeline below each Process. [more] Quality professionals use quality tools at work, but they can also use them successfully at home.

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. Value Stream Mapping Task Pane VSM Symbols Task Pane The Value Stream Mapping symbols are accessed via the VSM Symbols Task Pane - a panel the opens on the left side of Excel worksheet. Key to the approach is that each teacher enters what is actually taught in real-time during the school year, in contrast to having an outside or separate committee determine decisions. [more] LSS Leadership and Grassroots Initiative Lead to Excell. [more] The How and Why of Auditing Auditing expert and ASQ fellow Dennis Arter shares tips and advice for auditors and auditees. How to Create a Flowchart in Excel How to Embed an Excel Flowchart in Word How to Create Custom AutoShapes How to Copy a Flowchart as a Picture Tutorials for Other Diagram Types Articles giving step by step instructions working with non-flowcharts. Jacobs has seven specific steps that schools use to thoroughly examine and then revise their curriculum