Lead Free Solder

Lead Free Solder
Lead Free Solder

The industry of electronic packaging is fast moving towards lead-free solders because of environmental and health concerns. Among the various surface finishes available, electroless nickel/ immersion gold (ENIG) is the most appealing at the moment. Unfortunately, the presence of phosphorus (P) may complicate the interfacial reactions and may affect the reliability of the solder joint. In order to minimise this problem, an alternative surface finish were introduced, in which a layer of palladium is introduced between the nickel and gold layers using electroless deposition. This book explores this question in detail with the effect of annealing and aging of Sn-37Pb eutectic solder and Sn-4Ag-0.5Cu solder on Enig and Enepig surface finishes. Other parameters involved are P content in Ni layer and the Ni layer thickness. The intermetallics (IMC) were characterized in terms of thickness, morphology and composition.


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Lead Free Solder Wire Sn99 Ag0.3 Cu0.7 With Rosin Core For.

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THE VERIFICATION OF THE RESULTS OF YOUR USE OF THE INFORMATION IN YOUR OWN ENGINEERING AND PRODUCT ENVIRONMENT IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. In order to minimise this problem, an alternative surface finish were introduced, in which a layer of. Blauling Часы Blauling WB3113-02S. Коллекция SunFlower. Information relates only to products sold on or after the date of this certificate. If you are exporting your goods please go to the Ukraine Website × Select your country By selecting your country, you will have a much more streamlined shopping experience. Припой или канифоль для промышленной пайки паяльником, паяльной станцией. Вы так же сможете использовать различные варианты оплаты товара, наиболее удобные для Вас. Информацию о способах оплаты и доставки Вы сможете узнать на странице магазина, после того, как перейдете по ссылке Купить Lead Free Solder. You agree that the Information as provided here through an intermediary may not be error-free, accurate or up-to-date and that it is not advice.

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